citadel style bbs for plan 9, written in rc



hg clone


9bbs is started by a listen(8) script that runs on an arbitrary port. The example files included with this distribution are setup to run on port 666, but may be modified to suit. The following instructions assume that a listener is already scanning the directory /rc/bin/service (true by default for cpu servers).

First, edit src/tcp666 to reflect the location of the 9bbs files on your system, and set any desired options.

Next, build and install the programs:

cd 9bbs/src
mk install
cd ..
mk log
mk perms

Note: 9bbs uses a modified copy of the Plan 9 pager, p(1). It is identical in all ways to the original except that the ! command for issuing shell commands has been removed. The resulting np binary is copied to $objtype/bin/, the tcp666 script is copied to /rc/bin/service/, and a log file is created in /sys/log/9bbs. All other 9bbs files remain within the 9bbs directory.

All of that completed, 9bbs will now answer telnet connections on port 666.