sl/plan9 OK, uriel.


The 9front mailing lists are hosted on 9front using the mlmgr(1) collection of tools.

Incoming mail to a list is filtered through pipeto, which calls nml.

It’s not perfect.

   Date: Fri, 10 May 2024 17:00:14 -0400
   Subject: Re: [9front] [PATCH] rio: resize border and scrollbar based on font

   > For whatever reason, I'm getting delayed mails from the mailing
   > list.  I haven't investigated further.

   we use upas mlmgr(1).

   what happens is, it processes outgoing messages in batches, and chokes
   when one fails for whatever reason.  when this happens, all the rest
   of the messages in the batch are also postponed.

   over the years we have improved performance some by tweaking scripts
   and making sure the mailing list runs on a fast disk, but to my
   knowledge nobody has yet worked on the actual mlmgr(1) stuff directly.