sl/plan9 OK, uriel.


Mother is an rc(1) script that provides an experience similar to nedmail(1).

Download it here.


   usage: mother [ -d ] [ -f mbox ] [ -p msg ] [ -r ]

   Commands are of the form [<range>] <command> [args]
   <range> := <addr> | <addr>,<addr>
   <command> :=
   a             reply to sender and recipients
   b             print the next ten headers
   d             mark for deletion
   e ...         enter message (args passed to upas/marshal)
   g/regexp/cmd  grep headlines for regexp and run cmd on matches
   h             print message headline (,h for all)
   help          print this help message
   m ...         forward mail to address(es)
   mb ...        change to specified mailbox
   p             print the processed message
   P             print the raw message
   q             quit
   r             reply to message
   s ...         store message in specified mailbox
   u             remove deletion mark
   y             synchronize with mail box
   "             print message in quoted form, suitable for reply
   |cmd          pipe the processed message to a command
   ||cmd         pipe the raw message to a command
   !cmd          run a command


A script may be used in conjunction with faces(1) and the plumber(4) to open individual messages (or the entire mailbox) by clicking mb1 on a face in the faces(1) window. Each click produces a new window containing the selected message.

The script: facemother <- read and modify as needed before using

The plumber rule:

   # faces -> new mail window for message
   type   is     text
   data   matches       '[a-zA-Z¡-￿0-9_\-./]+'
   data   matches       '/mail/fs/[a-zA-Z¡-￿0-9/]+/[0-9]+'
   plumb  to     showmail
   plumb  start  window -r 646 117 1366 676 facemother $0