Mother is an rc(1) script that provides a very similar experience to nedmail(1). It is customized for Erik Quanstrom’s nupas fork of Plan 9’s upas mail system (read: mdir format is assumed for mail messages). This only matters when message saving is concerned; otherwise, all interaction is with the /mail/fs provided by upasfs(4).

Download it here.


Commands are of the form [<range>] <command> [args]
<range> := <addr> | <addr>,<addr>
<command> :=
a       reply to sender and recipients
b       print the next ten headers
d       mark for deletion
e ...       enter message (args passed to upas/marshal)
g/regexp/cmd    grep headlines for regexp and run cmd on matches
h       print message headline (,h for all)
help        print this help message
m ...       forward mail to address(es)
mb ...      change to specified mailbox
p       print the processed message
P       print the raw message
q       quit
r       reply to message
s ...       store message in specified mailbox
u       remove deletion mark
y       synchronize with mail box
"       print message in quoted form, suitable for reply
|cmd        pipe the processed message to a command
||cmd       pipe the raw message to a command
!cmd        run a command