rio is Plan 9’s native windowing system. Probably better referred to as a “rectangle multiplexer.” Each of the modified versions below ships with the following changes:

   - color scheme

Be sure to read each README, install, and mkfile.

The r script is used to set up the environment and launch rio. Other scripts open windows and programs at pre-determined locations around the screen, based on the automatically detected screen resolution. Read and modify as needed.

Note: Other people have done a much better job of theming rio. The modified versions below are no longer recommended, unless of course you happen to be running rio tcp/tls booted across a network, or in vnc, or in drawterm, where sigrid’s hacked-up rio does not repaint the screen correctly.

Man pages: rio(1), rio(4)

Scripts: r, riostart, header, spread, verso, recto, m, mo, tobit


Programs: rio.amber.tgz, faces.amber.tgz, bmothra.tgz, samterm.amber.tgz, stats.amber.tgz, statusmsg.amber.tgz, vt.amber.tgz

Programs:,, bmothra.tgz,,,,


Programs: rio.mono.tgz, faces.b.tgz, bmothra.tgz, samterm.amber.tgz, stats.mono.tgz, statusmsg.mono.tgz