rio is Plan 9’s native windowing system. Probably better referred to as a “rectangle multiplexer.” Each of the modified versions below ships with the following CHANGES:

- color scheme, see data.c and menuhit.c
- background images with -B

Be sure to read each mkfile.

The r script is used to set up the environment and launch rio. Other scripts open windows and programs at pre-determined locations on the screen, based on screen resolution. Read and modify as needed.

Man pages: rio(1), rio(4)

Scripts: r, riostart, header, spread, verso, recto, mo


Programs: rio.orig.tgz, faces.orig.tgz, mothra.white.tgz


Programs: rio.64.tgz, faces.c64.tgz, mothra.white.tgz, stats.c64.tgz, statusmsg.c64.tgz

Programs:, faces.tron.tgz,, stats.tron.tgz, statusmsg.tron.tgz


Programs: rio.mono.tgz, faces.b.tgz, stats.mono.tgz, statusmsg.mono.tgz


Programs: rio.tron.tgz, faces.tron.tgz,, stats.tron.tgz, statusmsg.tron.tgz


Programs: rio.webshit.tgz, faces.c64.tgz, mothra.white.tgz, stats.c64.tgz, statusmsg.c64.tgz