MNT Reform

MNT Reform - open


display, audio, keyboard, trackball, ethernet, sdcard, usb, pcie, nvme

doesn’t work



iogear gwu637 ethernet to wifi n adapter - until we get wifi


   ; reform/audio       # provides /dev/audioctl and /dev/volume

screen brightness

   ; reform/pm
   ; echo lcd 33 >>/dev/light  # reduce by half


Obtain kbmap values from sigrid’s evdump.

Add the kbmap entry to /dev/kbmap, changing the final 0 to whichever Rune you want the key to produce on 9front. See /sys/include/keyboard.h for existing “special” keys.

mnt kbmap 9front
2 127 0 ???
HYPER 2 126 0 ???
MNT ??? Mod4
CTRL (bottom) 2 97 0 ???

For example, to turn the HYPER key into ♥:

   echo 2 126 0x2665 >/dev/kbmap

Or, to turn HYPER into Ctrl:

   for(i in `{seq 0 9}){ echo $i 126 61463 } >>/dev/kbmap


   ; reform/shortcuts </dev/kbdtap >/dev/kbdtap

Hyper+F1/F2 decreases/increases LCD brightness, Hyper+F7/F8/F9 skips to the previous track, (un)pauses or skips to the next track in zuke(1), Hyper+F10 (un)mutes the audio, Hyper+F11/F12 decreases/increases “master” volume. Optionally, a single step amount can be set with -l for LCD light level (default is 5) and -v for volume (default is 3). Values can be negative to essentially swap the decrement and increment keys.


sysinfo, termrc


buy, community, faq, ifixit, reform(1), reform school, sl/mnt

MNT Reform - closed