sl/plan9 OK, uriel.

Salutations! It’s officially a year of pandemic life. I hear the vaccine distribution is going well, so hopefully there won’t be another year of this. In the meanwhile, I’ve been working hard on free software, what with having little else to do. However, I’m afraid I cannot tell you about most of it!

I’ve been working on’s GraphQL API, and it’s going quite well. I hope to ship a working read-only version later this month. There have been a number of bug fixes and rote maintenance work on as well, but nothing particularly exciting. We did upgrade everything for Alpine 3.13, which went off without a hitch. Anyway, I’ll go over the minor details in the “what’s cooking” post later today.

The rest of the progress was made in secret. Secret! You will have to live in ignorance for now. Sorry!

Here’s a peek at our progress:

``` use fmt; use io; use os;

export fn main() void = { if (len(os::args) == 1) match (io::copy(os::stdout, os::stdin)) { err: io::error => fmt::fatal(“Error copying : {}”, io::errstr(err)), size => return, };

    for (let i = 1z; i < len(os::args); i += 1) {
            let f = match (os::open(os::args[i], io::mode::RDONLY)) {
                    s: *io::stream => s,
                    err: io::error => fmt::fatal("Error opening {}: {}",
                            os::args[i], io::errstr(err)),
            defer io::close(f);

            match (io::copy(os::stdout, f)) {
                    err: io::error => fmt::fatal("Error copying {}: {}",
                            os::args[i], io::errstr(err)),
                    size => void,

}; ```

I’m looking for a few volunteers to get involved and help flesh out the standard library. If you are interested, please email to express your interest, along with your username and a few words about your systems programming experience — languages you’re comfortable with, projects you’ve worked on, platforms you grok, etc.